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Introduction to Action Log

Without an action log, you will likely find that agreed actions go missing. And when these actions go missing, you’ll end up going over old ground in meetings – wasting time and energy.

To stop this, you need to record, track, and receive updates from the assigned action owners on every action agreed across the programme. Our free action log will help you do this. Allowing you to hold people to account and avoid repetitive conversations.

And, because the action log can be updated outside of meetings, you will obtain updates on each action much earlier than if waiting to the next meeting for them – allowing you to be much more proactive.

It can sometimes be difficult to get this process up and running if your project has already started. You’ll have to remind the project team to always submit new actions, and update others assigned to them regularly – this is a big culture shift. But with some time and effort, you’ll have these processes embedded and be reaping huge benefits from it in no time.

Points of Interest

These relate to the blue boxes in the template – please delete them

1) Dashboard – The dashboard contained in this document will auto-populate as you fill in the document. There is plenty of information in this document to create detailed dashboards – I’d be happy to help create some for you so please get in touch here if needed.

2) Formatting – Be sure to format the document to your brand colours and replace the logo with your own on all sheets.

3) ‘Project’ Column – If you’re working on one specific project then remove this column. Or you can change it to read ‘area’ or ‘project stage’ etc.

4) Action Owner – This is the person who will being executing the work and providing the updates

5) Updates – The blue section of the Action Log is for updates. Actions should be reviewed frequently and updates submitted here.

Process Recommendations

You should assign a member of the project team to review and chase actions from others. This will normally be the project coordinator.

Creating and sharing a guidance sheet can be extremely useful to help others understand the requirements.

Finally, be patient. Implementing an action log in to an existing programme is not easy. But once you’ve embedded it, you’ll see huge benefits.

Got a recommendation? Then please get in touch with me here to let us know! We’re always looking to improve our documentation.

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