Change Control Log

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Blank Change Control Template

Changes are inevitable during a project, and a change log is the tool you need to track them.

No matter how detailed your business case is, you’ll need to make changes to the scope as new information comes to light.

These changes need to be investigated and inputted into the change log for future reference. This also ensures there is one version of the truth and provides data to report from.

Failure to maintain a change control log will often mean that changes get lost or don’t obtain proper approval. Something that can really come back to bite you!

Points of Interest

These relate to the blue boxes in the template – please delete them

1) ‘Change Value’ Column – This is the financial impact of your change (if applicable)

2)’Document Stored’ Column – This is a yes/no answer, and is about whether the document is stored in the correct area I.e sharepoint, J:drive etc.

3) Formatting – Be sure to format the document to your brand colours and replace the logo with your own.

Process Recommendations

It’s recommend that you include all proposed changes in the log – even those that are not approved. This ensures this data is not lost and allows you to reference back to changes that were rejected.

You should also assign a member of staff – normally the project coordinator – to track changes via this document and ensure that all changes have proper approvals – not only meeting minutes!

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