PMO/PM Document Checklist

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Blank PMO Document checklist


It can be daunting starting a new PMO or project. But our free PMO document checklist will help make your life easier by allowing you to track the development of your project documents.

We’ve included a list of 27 documents you might need. But this list can never be exhaustive. Each project, industry, and organisation will need a slightly different set of documents and thus it’s important to add these.

Nonetheless, this checklist acts as a good starting point for you to develop your ideas. And ultimately to track the development of each document in the ‘Updates’ column.

Please feel free to get in touch here if you’re struggling to determine the documents you need.

Points of Interest

These relate to the blue boxes in the template – please delete them

1) List – As mentioned above this list can never be exhaustive for every project. Thus I encourage you to add your own documents and delete others that are not appropriate.

2) Priority and Difficulty to Complete – By assigning ‘High’,’ Medium’, or ‘Low’ to each of these columns you’ll be able to identify quick wins. As well as those documents that are less important and can take longer to complete

3) Updates – You must track the development progress of each document. For some documents, it will be a simple case of downloading and template and starting. But for others, it may take several weeks to get the document in a usable position and communicate it to your colleagues.

4) Formatting – Be sure to format the document to your brand colours and replace the logo with your own.

Process Recommendations have already created several of these documents for your use. (Including Lessons Learnt, Risk Register, and an Issue Log). Our documents combine best practice with flexibility and are a great place to start.

I recommend that this document should be regularly updated. You should also report progress off this document to help show your stakeholders the development of the project.

As mentioned above, please also add documents specific to your project, industry, or organisation.

Got a recommendation? Then please get in touch with me here to let us know! We’re always looking to improve our documentation.