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Free Project Register Example

Introduction to Project Register

A project register is a simple document that lists your organisations live and completed projects. Often with associated high-level data E.g square footage, project leader etc. You could also include project ideas and previously rejected projects.

Although it may seem dry or onerous to create one its benefits are vast and maintaining it takes little effort.

Having a project register will help you in the following areas:

1) It provides a document that can be shared with others to help communicate the organisations current and past project work

2) Gives a holistic view of your portfolio in which you can identify gaps and opportunities

3) Allows for easy comparison of key metrics between projects, e.g cost per square footage numbers

Points of Interest

These relate to the blue boxes in the template – please delete them

1) Programmes – You could add an extra column to show programmes and their related projects

2) Current Stage – In some industries projects can be split into neat stages. Delete this column if not applicable.

Process Recommendations

We recommend that you update this document at least once a year. But this depends on how many projects your organisation runs.

Got a recommendation? Then please get in touch with me here to let us know! We’re always looking to improve our documentation.