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Blank RACI Matrix template


Even the simplest tasks sometimes require a RACI Matrix (Responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed matrix).

This is because no matter how well you plan an activity, circumstances invariably change – new people hired etc. – that lead to one or more people not knowing how they fit into a process.

A RACI matrix is a powerful tool because it’s black and white. It breaks down ever task in the process and assigns either a R,A,C, or I tag to each member of the project team.

Anyone in the organisation – and most importantly the project team themselves – can quickly find out who is responsible, accountable, consulted, or informed for each task. And because a RACI matrix is normally smaller than one side of A4, you can easily share the document. 

You can also create a RACI for any level. For example, you can create one for the whole project, or just for a certain process within it – its use is flexible.

What does RACI stand for?

RACI is an acronym for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Inform. When completing the RACI matrix you should assign an R,A,C, or I tag to each person for each tag.

Responsible – The person(s) responsible for completing the task. For example, an architect would be responsible for creating a design as they are the one doing the work – not the project manager!

Accountable – The person who is ultimately accountable for the work being completed on time, within cost, and to the correct standard. For the architect’s design, the project manager would be accountable, because if the project is delayed the blame will fall to them. There can only be one person accountable for each task in a RACI – please see rules below.

Consulted – The people who must be consulted on the task – an advisor. For example. the project manager may need to gather the opinions of the project board before hiring an architect.

Informed –This group needs to be informed of the tasks progress. Assigning this role will help others see the dependencies of a task and ensure transparency of the work.

The Rules

1) When assigning roles, you should follow these two rules:Only one person can be assigned the Accountable (A) role. Having more than one ‘A’ could lead to a confusion of roles and accountability.

2) Each person can have multiple tags assigned to them if needed, so long as there is only one A. For example, a business analyst might be assigned ‘R/I’ for writing business processes.

Points of Interest

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Process Recommendations

Establishing a RACI can sometimes be difficult. Everyone must agree to the tags you are assigning them, or at least have knowledge of it. Thus, we recommend that you create this during a project wide workshop.Sometimes these workshops can descend into confusion about who is R or A for each task. Thus, we recommend that you have a senior member of staff in the room to help cool heads and be decisive.

Got a recommendation? Then please get in touch with me here to let us know! We’re always looking to improve our documentation.